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Kasra Dash – A Leading SEO Consultant

Kasra Dash is a renowned SEO speaker and consultant with a premium brand

Kasra Dash helps businesses recover from algorithm updates with expert SEO solutions

Listen to Kasra Dash’s podcast where he interviews leading SEO experts


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Services Offered by Kasra Dash

SEO Speaker

Professional SEO speaker offering insights at various international events and conferences.

SEO Expert

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SEO Consulting

Specialized in premium SEO consulting services tailored to individual business needs.


SEO Podcast


Received certifications in SEO practices and techniques

SEO Speaker

Delivered impactful presentations.

Certified SEO Expert

Recognized for expertise in SEO practices.

SEO Consultant

Acknowledged for outstanding consulting services.

Featured in Top SEO Podcasts

Invited to share insights on renowned podcasts.

Professional SEO Services Available

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